Murata to Exhibit at electronica India 2014

electronica India 2014出展について


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

President/Statutory Representative Director: Tsuneo Murata


Murata will operate a booth at the electronics components trade fair, electronica India 2014, due to be held in Bangalore, India.


electronica India 2014
Period: Tuesday, September 23 to Thursday, September 25 
BIEC (Bangalore International Exhibition Centre)
Booth No.: 2221 


Murata booth will be having a stage show on our solutions in Sensors, Connectivity and Power that can contribute to the future connected world. We offer to visitors a smart amalgamation of ideas, insights and solutions for their business in IoT (Internet of Things).

We will also be having an area to display some of our key sensor products and other products, from component level to device to modules. Murata will also be introducing our celebrity robots, MURATA BOY and MURATA GIRL, to all the visitors, to showcase how Murata’s superior products can be put together to make wonderful creations possible. 
This will allow visitors, who are new to Murata, identify who we are.
We have set a corner to showcase Murata’s offerings in Energy Meter, Mobile Devices, Automotive too. This is to demonstrate, especially to existing customers, that Murata is more than just a components manufacturer. We have comprehensive product lineups and production capability. Given our global networks and strong technical support globally, Murata could be their one-stop supplier.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Provision of leading-edge sensors, wireless communications modules and total solutions for smart homes, lighting, automotive and healthcare purposes
  • Smart Lighting Control via WiFi and ZigBee - wireless subsystem solution for realising convenience of control and communication with sensor nodes and LED lighting
  • BCG Sensor – long term monitoring of cardiac performance utilizing high sensitivity MEMS technology
  • HR Sensor – small size, low power consumption optical sensor for heart rate wellness monitoring
  • MEMS sensor - unique and proprietary 3D technology for high accuracy measurement in low-g acceleration and sensing in Automotive
  • AC-DC Power Supplies and DC-DC converter - for enhanced server performance


Various electronic components and devices support in all markets, from Consumer, Home appliance, Automotive, Medical to Industry, etc.
  • Electrical Double Layer Capacitors – compact-size, contribute to improving the performance of battery application
  • Synthetic Quart Crystal for Crystal units – small size, air tight sealing technology with stable delivery
  • Piezoelectric Buzzers – performing alert  sound, wide variety of product line up


WLAN module and Bluetooth module for wireless connectivity solution; Power module provides a stable and reliable power solution for device
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Module - high-quality, high-performance and compact in size. Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) is an ultra-low power product
  • Ionizer/ Ozonizer - eliminating odour, germs and mould at homes and of¬fices
  • uDC-DC Converter – small sized, plug and play
  • AC-DC Power Supplies and DC-DC Converter from MPS- for enhanced server performance


Wide range of sensors that can detect heat, infrared, ultrasonic waves, vibration, acceleration, angular velocity, angular rotation, rotation, magnetism and electrical fields
  • Optical Interface - touchless motion sensor for display
  • Magnetic Sensor - utilizing Magneto Resistance effect and perform output signal
  • 3D AMR Sensor - sensing magnet applied from any direction
  • Ultrasonic Sensor - small and light-weight, designed to generate (as transmitter) and detect (as receiver) ultrasonic signal
  • Shock Sensor - using piezoelectric principles and detect mechanical shock, and convert data to an electric signal

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