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Murata Group Publishes CSR Report 2009


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President/ Statutory Representative Director: Tsuneo Murata

Murata Group Publishes CSR Report 2009


The Murata Group has published its “CSR Report 2009.”


Focusing on the economic, environmental, and social aspects of the Murata Group’s business activities in and outside of Japan, the new CSR Report presents:

  • The Group's basic policy on CSR
  • Goals, major activities, and results for FY2008
  • Policy and plans for the future

and other topics.


Murata CSR Reports are aimed at presenting the Group's activities to increase the reader’s understanding and recognition of the company.

Key target readers

Murata CSR Reports address all stakeholders of the Murata Group. The most important targets, however, are Murata customers and employees, whose satisfaction is one of the company's top business priorities.

Circulation and recipients

Circulation: 30,000 copies
Copies will be distributed to customers, shareholders, and employees.

Date of publication

June 26, 2009 (date of the Shareholders' Meeting)
This year, the CSR report will be published earlier than usual, with distribution starting during the Shareholders’ Meeting.


For easy reading and understanding, Murata Group CSR Report 2009 has the following features:

  • Easy-to-understand text is accompanied by a wealth of photographs and graphics
  • A number of employee comments are included to make the faces of these key players in the company's CSR commitment visible
  • Many initiatives implemented outside Japan are included to reflect the high portion (75%) of net sales from overseas markets


  • The CSR Report includes only brief reports. More detailed information, stories, and environmental performance data are available at the Murata website.
  • The English and Chinese versions will be available in July.

Major contents

1.Top page Contents・Message from Top Management・Company overview
(1) Future Applications
(2) Creating a Forest for the Future
(3) Imparting the Wonders of Science
2.CSR Management Corporate Governance・Compliance・Risk Management
3.Murata and People Customers
Shareholders and Investors
Society and Local Communities
4.Murata and environment Links between Business Activities and Environmental Considerations
Environmental Management
Environmentally Conscious Design
Green Procurement and Purchasing
Prevention of Global Warming
Reduction of Waste
Managing Chemical Substances and Environmental Risk
Promoting Eco-Friendly Physical Distribution and Packaging
5.Third-Party Comments Objective Evaluation by a Third-party

Further information is available on the Internet at

  URL Available from
Japanese http://www.murata.co.jp/corporate/csr/index.html June 22, 2009
English https://www.murata.com/about/csr July 3, 2009
Chinese https://www.murata.com.cn/corporate/csr/index.html July 10, 2009

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