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Kyoto Week at Expo 2010 Shanghai: "MURATA BOY" and "MURATA GIRL" appear on the Japan Pavilion Event Stage


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President/ Statutory Representative Director: Tsuneo Murata



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s cycle-riding robots MURATA BOY and MURATA GIRL will appear on the event stage during Japan Pavilion's Kyoto Week at Expo 2010 Shanghai.


Expo 2010 Shanghai Kyoto Week - A Kyoto Kaleidoscope: A Melody of Beauty and Wisdom -

Date Oct. 16 (Sat.) - Oct. 21 (Thurs.)
9: 30~22: 30
*Event stage activities are scheduled to end at 21: 00.
*It's the local time (Beijin time).
Location Expo Shanghai Japan Pavilion Event Stage
Sponsors Kyoto Metropolis, Kyoto City, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Purpose By spreading information about Kyoto's culture and tourism opportunities, our goal is to increase the awareness and popularity of Kyoto in China; to provide publicity about Kyoto's industries and traditional crafts; to expand the market for Kyoto products; and to increase the number of Chinese tourists interested in visiting Kyoto.


As participants in the Shanghai Expo being held in Shanghai, China, our goal is to introduce the technologies of this company and the high technology of Kyoto to China and the rest of the world through performances by two robots developed by Murata: MURATA BOY, the bicycle-riding robot, and MURATA GIRL, the unicycle-riding robot.

Event Stage

Performances by MURATA BOY, the bicycle-riding robot, and MURATA GIRL, the unicycle-riding robot
Oct. 16 (Sat.) - Oct. 21 (Thurs.)
Two~three performance will be held per day for a total of 14 performances.

Performance Description


  1. Traverse a balance beam only 2 cm wide, the same width as the bicycle tires
  2. Traverse an S-shaped balance beam
  3. Come to a full stop without falling over
  4. Ride at very low speeds; backing up


  1. Idles in place
  2. Moving forward and backward
  3. Following others

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