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Murata to exhibit at MOTORTECH JAPAN 2016 as part of TECHNO-FRONTIER 2016


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President/Statutory Representative Director:
Tsuneo Murata



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will be exhibiting its products at MOTORTECH JAPAN 2016, an exhibit of the TECHNO-FRONTIER 2016 exhibition.


Period:   Wednesday, April 20 to Friday, April 22
Location:   Makuhari Messe
Booth No.: 
Hall 8 8C-117


TECHNO-FRONTIER is a combined exhibition of individual specialty exhibits that brings together the latest elemental technologies that support manufacturing with development and design engineers and production technology professionals. Murata will be exhibiting its products at the MOTORTECH JAPAN 2016 exhibit in the Mechatronics System Zone.
Murata will present its sensor products and solutions based on technologies such as magnetoresistive elements, ceramic materials, and MEMS. These sensor products and solutions are aimed at meeting a variety of needs in the factory automation (FA) industry and at manufacturing sites, including motion control, preventive maintenance, monitoring, and the transition to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Key items to be exhibited

Magnetic switch

This is a device that takes advantage of the magnetic resistance effects of the AMR element. It works using a built-in IC that detects fluctuations in resistance due to changes in the magnetic field and the proximity of a magnet. The device is suitable for applications such as cylinder position sensing, rotation sensing, and magnetic field sensing.

Rotary sensor

This is a magnetic sensor for encoders in motors and other devices. Equipped with an SMR magnetoresistive element and permanent magnet, it outputs a pseudo sine wave based on changes in the magnetic field caused by the rotation of an adjacent gear. It offers excellent durability and less susceptibility to the influence of external magnetic fields.

MEMS inclinometers

This high-resolution sensor detects tilt angle from gravitational acceleration with a high degree of accuracy by means of a proprietary 3D MEMS element and a digital ASIC. It is suitable for applications such as measuring equipment, leveling instruments, and leveling and stabilization of platforms and heavy-duty vehicles.

Shock sensor

This is a piezoelectric ceramic acceleration sensor for detecting vibration and shock. Its ability to detect minute differences in vibrations with high sensitivity makes it suitable for applications such as identification and prevention of abnormal vibrations and age-related deterioration in motors.

In addition to these components, Murata will also exhibit various types of magnetic sensor, as well as its Femtet® software for electromagnetic wave analysis, magnetic field analysis, and thermal conductivity analysis.

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