Process of value creation

Treasure Murata Philosophy and pursue the unique qualities of Murata

We continue to value Murata Philosophy, even in a changing business environment.
Employees around the world sharing Murata Philosophy will create innovation and new value by trusting and cooperating with each other to demonstrate collective strength.

Murata products

Key markets

Communications market

Murata’s vision for the future

Smartphones that are always close by. We will contribute to fulfilling the advanced needs of our customers through our technological capabilities and product appeal. We will also set our sights on providing integrated solutions for antennas and filters combined with RF modules in addition to our standard capacitors and noise suppression products in order to meet advanced demand arising from higher functionalities, multi-functionalization, and compatibility with the next-generation communications technology, 5G (the 5th generation of mobile communication systems) for equipment, whereby aiming to achieve further growth.

Applying Murata’s strengths

  • Preference toward smaller and thinner components and high density mounting of consumer MLCCs
  • Higher frequency, superior composite performance, and miniaturization in response to the evolution of communications technology for piezoelectric components
  • Low power consumption, high-speed data communication, and higher reliability toward an IoT society in connectivity modules

Automotive market

Murata’s vision for the future

We aim for establishing a society where everyone can move freely with confidence while protecting the environment. To this end, we are now addressing several themes such as the advancement of electrification and automated driving, sensors for safe driving, and wireless modules for data communication between cars and the outside world. Sharing the value of “higher reliability” that brings our customers peace of mind, we will sustain our growth with a diverse lineup that leverages our strengths in areas such as sensing, communication, miniaturization, and noise suppression.

Applying Murata’s strengths

  • Higher reliability and high temperature/high humidity resistance in automotive MLCCs
  • Utilization of sensors automotive safety and creation of comfortable space

Murata Icon X Markets Murata challenge over the medium to long term

We will continue to challenge in Energy and Medical/Healthcare markets in a long-term perspective. In addition, we are seeing an expansion of customer needs in relation to IoT (Internet of Things) society. In response to these expanding needs, we are working to realize the provision of new value that integrates sensor and communication technologies.

What Murata wants to be

Murata’s purpose is to explore our originality with intelligence, build a wider and deeper foundation for an electronics society, and contribute to enriching people’s lives in the truest sense.

Innovator in Electronics

We continue to contribute to the advancement of society by creating innovative products and solutions

For that reason, we express what we should be by the phrase, “Innovator in Electronics.” We are committed to being a leading innovator in the electronics industry and taking the initiative in working toward a better environment and society.