Inductors/EMI filters

Main products

Inductors, EMI suppression filters, etc.

Inductor (coil)


Business Opportunities

  • Increased demand for inductors for smartphones and IoT devices and their improved performance by growing adoption of 5G
  • Electrification of automobiles and electrification through ADAS and autonomous driving


  • Extensive product lineup/High market share
  • Compact size and high Q characteristics achieved by Murata’s unique film manufacturing method
  • Reliable quality and stable supply


  • Stable supply of inductors, meeting increasing demand due to the introduction of 5G and electrification of automobiles

An inductor is one of the passive components that make up an electronic circuit, along with a capacitor and a resistor. Major products include power inductors used for the power supply circuit and RF inductors used for the high-frequency circuit.

Power inductors are largely related to power conversion ef f iciency, which is an impor tant performance of dc-dc converters, and the required performance differs depending on the property of the relevant converter to be used. In addition to traditional processes such as ferrite windings and ferrite multilayer, Murata has added the Metal Alloy process owned by Saitama Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly: TOKO, INC.), which became our whol ly owned subsidiar y in 2016, to its product lineup to achieve further miniaturization and increased performance as well as wellbalanced performance at high currents, which is a characteristic of metal alloy technology, and stable performance during operation. By taking advantage of such higher performance of power inductors and Murata’s monozukuri (manufacturing) capabilities as our strength, we are growing our business areas while expanding our sales channels not only into the communications market but also into the in-vehicle system market.

RF inductors are used as an inductor for highfrequency circuits for smartphones. The product series that uses the film manufacturing method, which is Murata’s unique process, has been highly regarded due to their unparalleled characteristics, which are compact and have a high Q (quality factor) value, and adopted in many high-frequency circuits. In addition, wire wound RF inductors are used for chokes in high-power amplifiers or for matching, utilizing its high current characteristics and high Q. As for 5G communications, the market is expected to expand for RF inductors through their use not only in smartphones but also in new applications such as IoT, and it is considered that the quantity of RF inductors used will increase. Meanwhile, the market for RF inductors is also expanding in the automotive field due to the shift toward electrification and the addition of advanced communication functions of automobiles such as telematics and V2X. As for RF inductors, which are characterized by compactness and high performance, Murata is expanding its lineup of highly reliable designs for automotive applications.

Murata’s inductors are supported by Murata’s various manufacturing methods and processes. Murata aims to create innovation through integration of advanced material development, product development, process development and basic technologies (simulations, reliability evaluation, mounting technology, application). We focus on the 5G and automotive markets and work strategically towards them by clarifying the target.