Murata and People

Responsibility to and Actions Concerning Shareholders and Investors

Murata strives to provide accurate disclosure of information to investors and shareholders in a timely and fair manner.
We respect the rights of our shareholders, creating an environment that facilitates informed exercise of voting rights.


Accurate, impartial and timely disclosure

We strive to disclose accurate and highly effective corporate information in an easy-to-understand manner as the basis for constructive dialogue with shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders.

Link:Disclosure Policy


We conduct periodic briefings in Japan and elsewhere for analysts and institutional investors to enable them to understand Murata’s management status and business strategies.

Link:Earnings Release Conferences / Corporate Information Meetings

Shareholder Returns

We distribute profits while making comprehensive determinations that take into consideration consolidated results, the dividend on equity ratio (DOE), payout ratio, and accumulation of internal reserves necessary for reinvestment for future development.

Link:History of Profit Distribution