To ensure that all Group corporate officers and employees comply with laws and regulations and act in an ethical manner, Murata is working to expand its Compliance Promotion System, making the best use of measures such as its Corporate Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct in Japan and overseas.

Corporate Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct

In July 2002, Murata established the Corporate Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct. In April 2007, this was revised in light of CSR. All Group corporate officers and employees pledged to work as one, in order that they could act in accordance with what needed to be done for stakeholders and society. This revised edition of the Corporate Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct has been distributed to officers and employees of Murata and its domestic affiliates. We have also created English and Chinese versions, which were distributed to our locations in September 2007, adjusted to take into account laws, ordinances, and social systems in applicable locations, and distributed to all our employees.

Basic Policy for Prevention of Cartels and Bribery

In May 2014, Murata established the “Basic Policy for Prevention of Cartels and Bribery.” Although cartels and bribery are also prohibited in the “Corporate Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct,” as a company that develops its business globally, we again disseminated Murata’s basic stance on cartels and bribery. In addition, we have internal procedures in place to prevent cartels and bribery, such as applying for permission and reporting of unavoidable contacts with competitors and applying for permission for entertainment and gifts.

We will carry out our business activities in accordance with this Basic Policy.

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Compliance Promotion

Murata has established a Compliance Promotion Committee, a subordinate body of the CSR Management Committee, which is chaired by the Representative Director. We are deliberating on, and making decisions regarding, the basic direction for revisions to the Corporate Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct, and the drafting and implementation of publicity activities.

We have also appointed Compliance Promotion Leaders in each division in order to ensure that all of our employees are aware of our Corporate Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct. The Compliance Promotion Leaders take e-learning courses to gain knowledge that they pass on to other employees at compliance promotion meetings held in each department.

We issue the monthly “Compliance Magazine” for employees and work to improve employees’ understanding of breaches of laws and corporate ethics such as insider trading, cartels, corruption, and information leaks.

In April 2020, the Representative Director issued a message to employees emphasizing the importance of compliance for Murata’s continued growth.

Furthermore, in October 2020, the Compliance Guidebook, which includes a collection of compliance-related case studies in the form of a Q&A, was distributed to directors and employees of Murata and its domestic affiliates to improve their understanding of the relationship between business and compliance and the concept of compliance.

Compliance promotion meeting
Compliance promotion meeting
Corporate Governance System
Compliance Promotion

Whistle-blowing system and consultation hotlines

Helpline established

Murata has established an internal helpline to take whistle-blowing reports and consultations if an act within Murata that violates or could violate the Corporate Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct is discovered.

In addition, Murata has established an environment that makes whistle-blowing easier by also setting up an outside helpline to take these kinds of whistle-blowing reports and consultations for the prevention, early detection, and prompt handling of compliance violations.

Taking Whistle-blowing Reports and Consultations; Checking, Investigating, and Responding

When a whistle-blowing report or consultation about compliance from a Murata or Murata Group officer or employee, etc. is received by the internal or outside helpline, the Compliance Promotion Committee, the chairperson of the committee, and the secretariat of the committee lead the response. Coordinating with relevant departments as necessary, they check and investigate as far as possible all the facts and the relevant laws and regulations. On that basis, the existence or nonexistence of a compliance violation is recognized and response measures such as recommendations for correction are taken as necessary.

At that time, the privacy of whistle-blowers is protected and efforts are made to ensure they are not subjected to any prejudice as a result of whistle-blowing. In addition, when reports are made in the whistle-blower’s actual name, feedback on the progress and results of the subsequent confirmation and investigation are provided to the whistle-blower.

Taking Whistle-blowing Reports and Consultations, and Checking, Investigating, and Responding to Them