Murata and People

Responsibility to and Actions Concerning Society and Local Communities

Working toward the realization of harmony among people, organizations, and society

Thus far, Murata has endeavored to build relationships of mutual trust with local residents while achieving their understanding of our business and initiatives. This has become an important asset, and we are grateful to have been able to continue our business activities until now. Under the Mid-term Direction 2021, we have been taking action towards achieving harmony among people, organizations, and society as one issue for securing sound growth. By continuously engaging in activities that lead to solutions to the problems of the communities where we conduct business, we are contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

Specifically, we are positioning "support for the development of the next generation, Local community support, environmental protection, cultural support (arts, sports, traditional cultural industries), and academic support" as priority areas, striving to understand the social, economic, and cultural characteristics of local communities, and promoting activities that allow us to contribute to the development of local communities.

Murata's Basic Policy of Contribution Activities for Society and Community

Murata aims to be a company that makes local communities happy and proud. Murata aims to be a company that makes employees happy and proud.

Through dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders, including local residents, we will actively engage in ongoing social and community contribution activities to achieve our common goals of realizing a sustainable society and developing local communities.

【Basic approach to initiatives】

  • Murata is deeply concerned with social issues, and we will use our unique strengths in activities that contribute to society.
  • We will fulfill our roles and responsibilities in accordance with the needs and characteristics of each region based on our activities in the region where we operate.
  • Emphasizing the participation of employees, we encourage and support each employee to actively engage in contact with society and the local community.

※This policy is subject to periodic supervision by the Board of Directors.

Support for the development of the next generation

Murata employees visiting an elementary school to conduct a class

In order to communicate the kinds of work performed by the engineers who support our manufacturing and the interesting aspects of such work as a manufacturing company, we host science lectures and visiting classes for elementary and middle school students at sites both in Japan and overseas. We continue to provide visiting classes according to local needs such as introducing the workings of the "MURATA BOY" bicycle-riding robot created by Murata Manufacturing and showing what it looked like under development as well as hosting the visiting class to experience programming ”Control the Teacher Robot!!“ visiting class to experience programming, electronics workshops, environmental courses to raise interest in environmental preservation, and career education. During fiscal 2020, we hosted 65 visiting classes in Japan and 7 overseas. In addition, we hosted 36 plant tours and work experience programs for local children and students in Japan and 22 overseas. We hope to continue these activities as a company that provides hope and dreams to the children who will lead the future.

Fiscal 2020 example: "Career education for high school students" by Tohoku Murata Manufacturing

For the second year students at "Funehiki Senior High School in Fukushima Prefecture," we lectured on the topic of the "Ideal Model for a Working Member of Society and Deepening One's Understanding of Manufacturing" and explained the attitude required by members of society and the importance of setting goals and acting in a systematic manner. During the lecture, we performed an experiment with an aluminum air battery using high-grade charcoal.

Fiscal 2020 example: "Mulabo! Opening" by Murata Manufacturing

On December 16, 2020, the "Mulabo!" interactive science facility for children opened in the Minato Mirai Innovation Center. Established to contribute to STEM education and cultural development, it features four entertaining zones built around the concept of "places where fledgling engineers are born" and is designed to appeal to people of all ages and can be enjoyed through repeated visits. Entry is free of charge. See hereOpen the New Window for more details.

Local community support

Murata provides Local community support that fits their specific needs and characteristics.

Murata provides overseas donations to senior care facilities and orphanages, etc. in China and Southeast Asia as well as food drives in the UK and toy drives in the United States.

Within Japan, we support local multiculturalism via donations of equipment and the dispatch of interpreters to elementary and middle schools with many Brazilian children of Japanese ancestry through Izumo Murata Manufacturing and Fukui Murata Manufacturing.

At other sites as well, we have continuously engaged in support activities in close connection with local communities such as local cleaning activities and blood donations, etc. In addition, we also participate in local events and festivals and conduct performance demonstrations using Murata robots to support the revitalization of local areas and events.

In addition to these, when major disasters occur, we support the community through activities such as providing donations to assist in the recovery of the region and help everyone affected by the disaster.

Fiscal 2020 example: "Support for multiculturalism" by Fukui Murata Manufacturing

Fukui Murata Manufacturing provided the following forms of support for multiculturalism.

  • Endowed a course in Portuguese at Jin-ai University in Echizen City
  • Supported the dispatch of Portuguese translators to elementary middle schools in Echizen City
  • Provided support for the purchase of tablet computers to improve the online environment of Japanese language classrooms at the International Association of Echizen City
  • Provided support in the form of educational supplies (Japanese language instruction materials for beginners) for young foreign national students in Echizen City
Ceremony to present educational supplies for young foreign national students at Echizen City Hall

Environmental protection

The biotope at Okayama Murata Manufacturing
Bird watching for children at the biotope (habitat)

Murata has formulated a Green Basic Policy that establishes the creation, maintenance, and development of “cultural environments” as one of our corporate social responsibilities. Based on this policy, we are conducting greenification activities at each of our worksites that harmonize with the culture and nature of the local region. During fiscal 2020, some of these activities were canceled due to measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, but every season we open up our workplaces for the enjoyment of local visitors.

For example, Okayama Murata Manufacturing created a biotope (habitat) which preserves a local ecosystem and uses it to provide cherry blossom viewing parties, firefly viewing parties, and biotope tours. At our workplace in Yasu, Yokaichi City, we grow rhododendrons while Fukui Murata Manufacturing and Komatsu Murata Manufacturing cultivate roses. During the flowering season, we publicly open these sites to the local residents and receive many visitors.

In addition, with the support of local residents, Murata employees engaged in forest conservation activities through the "Murata Forest" while Tohoku Murata Manufacturing performs activities to remove large coneflowers, a specific non-native species that threatens ecosystems, to help preserve ecosystems.

Fiscal 2020 example: Himi Murata Manufacturing awarded the "Japan Greenery Research and Development Center Chairman's Award"

In recognition of its plant greenification efforts as part of its activities to reduce the environmental load, the greenery park in the front which acts as a green buffer zone with the local community, and the layout which provides continuous greenery throughout the site, Himi Murata Manufacturing was awarded the "Japan Greenery Research and Development Center Chairman's Award." This site was the 15th Murata Group plant in Japan to win such an award (including honorable mentions).

Fiscal 2020 example: "Supporting dam construction"

In Thailand, Murata Electronics (Thailand), Ltd. jointly supported the construction of a dam with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand to accumulate water as a source of consumption for people of wildlife, cattle raising, and agriculture while also improving the biodiversity of forests.

Cultural support (Arts, sports, and traditional cultural industries)

The arts and culture enrich people’s lives by providing inspiration and joy, while sports culture supports physical and mental development. We believe that all these activities are key aspects of contributing to the development of society.

Since 1992, the Murata has been a special sponsor of and supports the Wakaba Cup All Japan Pupils’ Team Championships, which is held in Nagaoka City, Kyoto, the location of Murata’s headquarters. In 2007, Murata became a special sponsor of the Kyoto High School Comprehensive Culture Festival Winners Presentation Ceremony and established the Murata Manufacturing Award, in support of high school students active at the highest levels in each field.
Every year during the fall, members of a local professional soccer team come to Okayama Murata Manufacturing where a soccer camp is hosted for local elementary school students. Izumo Murata Manufacturing is a sponsor of the local "Diosa Izumo FC" women's soccer team with three athletes and one coach as employees to provide continuous support for athletic activities. In addition, other sites also support local sports teams and sporting events, etc. to support the development of local sports culture.

Fiscal 2020 example: Murata Manufacturing awarding the "Murata Manufacturing Award" at the "Kyoto High School Comprehensive Culture Festival Winners Presentation Ceremony"

The "Kyoto High School Comprehensive Culture Festival Winners Presentation Ceremony" is hosted for the purpose of enriching cultural activities and promoting artistic culture at senior high schools in Kyoto Prefecture. Murata recognizes the significance of contributing to cultural activities by young people and has continued to provide cooperation since 2007.

<Murata Manufacturing Award Recipients>

Chorus division Kyoto Prefectural Joint Chorus -Miyabi-
Japanese music division Kyoto Koka Senior High School Koto Club
Folk entertainment division Kyoto Tachibana Senior High School Taiko Club

Academic support

Since its founding, Murata has developed technology with support from various areas. Therefore, we established the "Murata Science Foundation" in 1985 based on our desire to serve the advancement of science and technology through the promotion of academic research. The Foundation provides financial aid for research that contributes to the improvement and development of science and technology and research in the humanities and social sciences that contributes to the resolutions of a variety of issues. It also promotes international exchange among researchers. Also, in fiscal 2017, we commenced grants for universities outside of Japan.

In fiscal 2020, we provided 173 research grants, 34 research group grants, and 59 overseas dispatch assistance grants for a total of ¥410.4 million in Japan and ¥16 million in overseas grants for 40 research group grants.
Since its establishment, the foundation has provided a total of ¥4.30 billion in grant aid.

The 36th Murata Research Grant Presentation Ceremony in 2020

In addition, we have provided academic support by establishing scholarships for university students at each site and through university lectures, etc.
In order to support innovation activities in science and technology by university students, Wuxi Murata Electronics, Murata Energy Device Wuxi, and Shenzhen Murata Technology have been hosting the "Murata Cup" contest for science and technology related ideas and work since 2019 at the Nanjing University of Science and Technology and the Xi'an University of Science and Technology.

Fiscal 2020 example: "Scholarship support" by Wuxi Murata Electronics

Murata provided "Ingenuity for Building Dreams" scholarships to the Funing Secondary Specialized School and the Xinyi Secondary Vocational School and scholarships to 14 university students in the "Murata Class" at the Wuxi Institute of Technology.

Primary social and local community contribution activities carried out during fiscal 2020 (excerpt)

Priority areas Activity examples (20F)
Support for the development of the next generation "MURATA BOY" visiting class (Koyo Elementary School in Hakusan City, Hodatsushimizu Town Community Center/Kanazawa Murata Manufacturing)
The visiting class to experience programming "Control the Teacher Robot!!" (No. 2 Koyo Elementary School, No. 2 Oyamazaki Elementary School/Murata Manufacturing)
EHS basic knowledge education (Shenzhen Pingshan Experimental School/Shenzhen Murata Technology Co., Ltd.)
MURAT BOY demonstration and PC disassembly lecture given in Hodatsushimizu Town (Kanazawa Murata Manufacturing, Hakui Murata Manufacturing)
Group work focusing on thinking about batteries, lecture about batteries, practical training experience making a manganese battery by hand (Motomiya Mayumi Elementary School in Motomiya City/Tohoku Murata Manufacturing)
Environmental protection Anamizu forest maintenance (Anamizu Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Cicada shell study and aquatic plant study (Okayama Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Murata Forest (Tome Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Eco Green Environmental Program (Murata Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.)
Local community support Food drive activities (Fukui City Council of Social Welfare/Asuwa Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Donation of children's books (124) in Portuguese and bookcases (Hikawa Library/Izumo Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
On-site rose garden opened to local residents (Komatsu Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Cleaning activity on the northern coast of Taipei (New Taipei City Government Environmental Protection Department/Taiwan Murata Electronics Co., Ltd.)
Donation of tablets for senior citizens who do not have a smart device and are unable to go out due to the impact of the novel coronavirus (Korea Murata Electronics Company, Limited)
Cultural support
(Arts, sports and traditional cultural industries)
Donation of trophies, etc. and operational support for the "Blue Sky Softball Tournament" (local youth softball team) (Tohoku Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Appointed as a sponsor of the "Shimane Susanoo Magic" professional basketball team. Sponsored in cooperation with a youth development project. (Izumo Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Support for the Takefu International Music Festival (Fukui Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Sponsorship of the Gargantua Music Festival (Murata Manufacturing)
We supported the "Understanding of Intangible Heritage" activity of the Chinese and Foreign Friends Association (The Chinese and Foreign Friends Association/Wuxi Murata Electronics Co., Ltd.)
The visiting class to experiential programming Support heat sensing software (Hanyang University/Korea Murata Electronics Company, Limited)
Donation to the emergency lump-sum payments for Shimane University students affected by the coronavirus (Shimane University/Izumo Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Robot lecture (Toyama Prefectural University/Toyama Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Provided scholarships to two university students (Universiti Teknologi Petronas & Universiti Sains Malaysia/Murata Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.)

See here for data regarding social and local community contribution activities.