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MEMS Sensors

Highly Reliable MEMS Sensors for Automobile, Industrial and Medical Applications

Murata develops and produces high-performance and highly reliable accelerometers, gyro sensors and inclinometers using 3D MEMS processes at Murata Electronics Oy (formerly VTI) and markets them globally.
Their robust durability makes them suitable for their target markets with stringent operating conditions such as automobile, industrial and medical applications.

Features of MEMS Sensors Made by Murata Electronics Oy

MEMS sensors by Murata Electronics Oy realize high-precision detection through an original technology called 3D MEMS where silicon wafers are deeply etched with reactive ion etching. Use of 3D MEMS technology makes it possible to offer high reliability sensors with stable processes and reasonable cost.

Main features of 3D MEMS technologies are introduced below.

  • Original via structure to realize high insulation and low parasitic capacitance
    Original via structure is introduced at the extraction electrodes of MEMS structure.
  • High-precision cavity control technology to make high sensitivity and downsizing possible
    Very narrow 2.5µm space between the movable portion and cap wafer allows for high-precision capacitance measurement.
  • Atomic-level hermetic sealing making high reliability possible
    The movable portion and cap wafer are strongly joined together with anodic bondingbetween glass and silicon, or direct bonding between silicon and silicon oxide, to realize high reliability.
Features of Murata's 3D MEMS Technology

Features of Murata's 3D MEMS Technology

Target Markets for MEMS Sensors

Automobile Market

The automobile market is one of the strongest markets for our MEMS sensors. Murata boasts the world's top share in accelerometer for automobiles. In additions to safety features such as ESC (electronic stability control) and ABS (anti-lock braking system) beginning to be mandated by law for new vehicles in developed nations, a series of new features such as EPB (electronic parking brake) and HSA (hill start assist) are being added for safe driving and accident prevention. Murata will continue to develop new products to respond to new needs.

Industrial and Medical Markets

Demands for Murata's MEMS sensors are expanding into industrial applications such as transportation equipment, measurement equipment and construction machinery, as well as medical applications such as minimally invasive diagnostic equipment and implantable devices. We will redouble our effort to discover diverse needs around the world and make more products available to customers.

Automobile Application Examples

Automobile Application Examples
Feature Benefit Strength,
selling arguments
SCC1300 series Digital SPI 1axis gyro & 3 axis accelerometer
  • Combined sensor
  • Reduced PCB size
  • Reduced BOM cost
  • Reliability (AEC-Q100)
  • Very good offset accuracy 
    (Gyro & Accelerometer)
  • Good performance in vibrating environment
  • Competitive price
  • Very deep technical support for key customers!
  • Lots of experience in ESC
  • Lots of in-built diagnostic functions at component level

Industrial and Medical Application Examples

Industrial and Medical Application Examples
Feature Benefit Strength,
selling arguments
SCA100T series Analog output 2 axis inclinometer Accuracy ±0.5degree over operating temperature
  • High offset accuracy over time
  • High mechanical shock endurance
  • Competitive price
SCA103T series Analog output 1axis inclinometer Accuracy ±0.1degree over operating temperature


*1 Via structure:

Via structure is one of the extraction wiring structures for electric signals. Conductive wiring goes through an insulative CAP wafer.

*2 Anodic bonding:

Anodic bonding is one of the methods for joining wafers. Strong atomic level junction can be made by placing a glass wafer on a silicon wafer together and applying appropriate temperature and an electric field.

*3 HSA:

HSA is an acronym for Hill Start Assist, a system to prevent a vehicle from rolling back when a driver starts up a vehicle uphill.