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Announcing the establishment of the Hefei Branch of Murata Electronics Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Murata's sales company in China


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President/ Statutory Representative Director: Tsuneo Murata



Murata Electronics Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., one of the sales companies of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in China, recently established the Hefei Branch, which is ready to start operating on January 18.

The company established four branches in the Chinese interior in FY2011, in Chongqing, Xi'an, Wuhan and Hefei. Together with the Chengdu Branch already established, Murata now has five sales offices in interior China.


In recent years, the center of the electronic device business in Greater China has expanded from the coastal areas of China to the interior regions, and the establishment and relocation of production and R&D bases has become a conspicuous trend. In addition, start-up companies that have established a presence in the interior are recording steady growth, and the important questions to tackle now are how sales activities in the interior can be stepped up, how customer needs can be met quickly, and how more individualized services can be provided.

Murata has previously marketed primarily white goods and automotive goods in Hefei, but recently that city, like other major interior cities, is seeing a particularly noticeable manufacturing shift from the coast. Demand can be expected to expand even more in the future, and for this reason Murata considers it a very important area for our business development in Greater China and has decided to set up the new branch there.

The branch will sell Murata Group products and provide services mainly for customers in the Anhui Province area. We will continue to enhance our customer support system in the interior areas of China.

Overview of Hefei Branch Sales Office

Official company name: Murata Electronics Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Hefei branch
Address: Unit 2108 & 2109 Wanda Plaza 7# No.130 Maanshan Road Baohe District, Hefei, Anhui
Office area: 200.49m2

Concerning Hefei

Hefei is a sub-provincial division located in central China. It is the capital of Anhui Province

Hefei's map

Concerning Murata Electronics Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Date established: May 26, 1995
Registered capital: US$2,340,000
Capital contribution: 99% from Murata (China) Investment Co., Ltd., 1% from Murata Company Limited
Business lines: Sales of Murata Group products in East and interior China
Representative: Chairman of the Board of Directors Yoshito Takemura
Local representative: President Toshihiko Okamoto

Concerning Murata (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Date established: December 22, 2005
Registered capital: US$120,000,000
Capital contribution: 100% from Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Business lines: Overseeing of the sales bases of the Murata Group, drafting of plans for sales and marketing strategies, support for strengthening cooperative ties between bases, technical support and other sales promotion activities, distribution and information systems, operations related to personnel and public relations in Greater China.
Representative: Chairman of the Board of Directors Yoshitaka Fujita
Local representative: Director and President Yoshito Takemura

Other sales bases in China

Murata Electronics Trading (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

  • Qingdao Branch
  • Dalian Branch
  • Beijing Branch
  • Yantai Branch

Murata Electronics Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

  • Suzhou Branch
  • Hangzhou Branch
  • Chengdu Branch
  • Chongqing Branch
  • Xi'an Branch
  • Wuhan Branch

Murata Electronics Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

  • Xiamen Branch
  • Guangzhou Branch

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