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2. Search page

Information on this website can be searched using following search methods:

2-1. Site Search

Enter the search word in the search box located on the right top corner of each page, and then click Search button or press the [Enter] key.

2-2. Product search engine

This is a search page dedicated to Murata's products. Products may be searched with various parameters, such as product numbers and categories.

Product search engine

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2-3. Sitemap

You can also check the sitemap to find specific contents.


3.Use the top navigation

sitehelp Move the cursor on the top navigation to see and navigate to sub-pages.

4. Breadcrumb

sitehelp Use the breadcrumb on the grey background to navigate back to upper level pages.

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6.Contact us, make inquiry or send feedback

You can contact Murata through the Inquiry Form. To open the form, click either the envelope icon or Contact us banner. You can also find contact information from Support / Locations (click Contact us in the header).

7. Printing a page

Site help

You can print pages by clicking the Print icon located on the top of the right column.

Paper size and margins can be specified with the “Properties" of print window. Use "Print Preview" to confirm the image to be printed before printing. Pages may not be printed as seen on the screen depending on your properties specifications.

8. Download File


8.1. Downloading and viewing PDF files

Some of the contents on our website are in PDF.

Download Adobe Reader

8.2. Viewing Excel data

Some of the contents on our web site are in Excel format. 

You need Microsoft Excel to view Excel files. If you cannot view our Excel contents, you need to purchase Microsoft Excel or download and install the free Excel Viewer.

Microsoft Download Center

9. Flash


Some of the contents on our web site are Flash animations.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view Flash animations. If you cannot view our Flash animations, you need to download and install the free Adobe Flash Player.

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10. RSS


Some of the contents on our web site are available through RSS feed in XML format.

This web site makes the following latest information available.

News Newest information of news release, new products information.
Products Latest product information
Events Latest events information
Company Latest company information
Notifications Latest IR news
IR News Latest applications information
Applications Latest applications information

In order to subscribe to the information above, you need to register for RSS feed on an RSS reader (RSS aggregator). Use RSS readers available from your browser or download it from a web site.

Attention: Murata does not support inquiries regarding RSS and RSS readers.

11. Text size

If you prefer to change the way text appears on our website (increase or decrease), please use your browser zoom function.