Growth strategies 2: Execute four management transformations

Management transformation 1: Management that creates a continuous cycle of social value and economic value

Murata strives to increase the value it provides to society (social value) while creating a coutinuouse cycle of social value and economic value, and aims to be a company of choice, being trusted by stakeholders as the global No.1 component manufacturer. In order to achieve this vision, we will set targets for key issues (materiality) originating with social issues and accelerate our efforts to solve them.

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Management transformation 2: Autonomous and decentralized organizational management

We hope to transform Murata’s organizational management to be more autonomous and decentralized so that we can continue to practice the Murata Philosophy, provide value, and continue growing even as the environment changes drastically.

Management transformation 3: Change-responsive management based on hypothetical thinking

At a time when the environment is changing drastically, we should not be passive, but rather prepare by hypothesizing what might happen in the future, then practice change-responsive business management, which flexibly corrects its course in response to change. Each function and organization continually gathers information on future changes, discusses them, takes action, and monitors, raising their sensitivity to environmental changes and strengthening their ability to respond to them.

Management transformation 4: Digital transformation (DX)

At Murata, we define digital transformation (DX) as an initiative that enables people and organizations (business processes) both inside and outside Murata to connect digitally and freely and make processes shorter, faster, and visible, thereby continually driving to dramatically increase customer value and competitiveness, and we will accelerate the initiatives for the transformation.

We will establish an organization that promotes the strategy for company-wide DX and works with the executing organization to realize our vision in the domains to strengthen and core fields, accelerating the overall digitalization.