Murata’s core competencies 3

Strong monozukuri capabilities enable timely supply

Murata’s technologies are directly aligned with our strategic markets and customers. Murata internally develops materials, processes, products and production technology. By vertically integrating our manufacturing operation and conducting global and decentralized production, we have optimized the value we can deliver to customers in a swift and timely manner, while leveraging the largest production capacity in the industry.

Murata’s monozukuri (manufacturing)


Murata has established technologies to precisely control ceramic materials and electrode materials that critically determine the properties of electronic components.

Sheet casting

From ceramic sheets that are 1 μm or less in thickness to complexly shaped filters created by injection forming, we pursue an ideal shape aligned with each function.


When sintered, ceramic crystal structures shift to achieve certain properties. Sintering is a technique to control these invisible changes within a furnace.

Processing and finishing

Once materials have gained the desired electric properties from the previous processes up to sintering, ceramics are formed into electronic components through various additional processing.

Inspection and packaging

Once completed, products are delivered to customers only after rigorous testing proves that they are worthy of the Murata label.

Murata’s core competencies 1

Anticipation of market needs

Murata’s core competencies 2

Continuous R&D investment enabling product development and accumulation of intellectual property

Murata’s core competencies 3

Strong monozukuri capabilities enable timely supply