Murata’s philosophy was created by the founder Akira Murata in 1954. Since that time the world around us has dramatically changed and continues to evolve, but our fundamental mission and values will always remain the same.

Murata Philosophy

Murata Philosophy

We contribute to the
advancement of society
enhancing technologies and skills
applying scientific approach
creating innovative products and solutions
being trustworthy
and, together with all our stakeholders,
thankful for the increase in prosperity.

Innovator in Electronics

This slogan reflects the commitment by every Murata employee in all of their daily activities. This fundamental concept, to develop innovative products, ideas and solutions has enabled Murata to support new and emerging markets, continually drive product development and expand into new business domains.
Our aim is to become the company that leads the way in innovation in the electronics industry.
Each Murata employee is encouraged to exert "Innovativeness" in their approach to all tasks, to come up with new and more efficient operational and administrative processes, to help our company achieve its optimum performance.
To be an "Innovator" within Murata in the fullest sense of the word also means diligently considering how we may be able to improve our society and the environment, and for taking action when these opportunities arise.