Murata’s robots

MURATA GIRL’s profile

September 23rd
Zodiac sign
Practicing riding her unicycle at the park
Dream for the future
Traveling around the world with MURATABOY
Physically active but shy
Place of birth
Shiga prefecture

Various stunts performed by MURATA GIRL

She is capable of riding a unicycle with her awesome sense of balance!
She’s doing her best to catch up to MURATA BOY.

Idling stop

She can stop on-the-spot by maintaining her balance with the help of the disk in her belly and pedal operations.

Balance beam run

Crosses 2 cm wide balance beams with ease. She is capable of constantly running on the center of the balance beam at a slow speed.

Following others

The ultrasonic sensor measures the distance to people and objects, enabling MURATA GIRL to advance while maintaining a certain distance from whatever she is following.

Running in reverse

I don’t need to look behind me to run in reverse.

MURATA GIRL's Components

Information about MURATA GIRL's components.

  • Gyro Sensor

    The gyro sensor detects minute slanting angles or turning motions of the body. 
    Makes free standing and super-slow runs possible.

  • Ultrasonic sensor

    Measures the distance to objects by transmitting ultrasonic waves and calculating how long it takes the waves to bounce back. Detects obstacles to avoid collision.

  • Bluetooth® modules

    One-chip functionality for wireless sending and receiving control signals and sensor data.

  • Filter

    Extracts only the necessary signal, filtering out unwanted noise. Filters out interference to ensure stable operation.

  • Power Supply Module (DC-DC Converter)

    Exchange the power voltage efficiently with the one battery.

  • Timing Device

    Creates a reference signal for operation of the microcontroller.

  • Capacitor

    Able to charge and discharge electricity repeatedly, capacitors are widely used for tasks such as stabilizing microcontrollers or power supplies, or extracting constant-frequency signals.

  • Inductor

    Stabilizes electric current and signals in wireless communication circuits and power supply circuits.

  • NTC Thermistor

    Monitors the temperature of ICs, power supply circuits, and batteries to protect the circuits from excessive current and overheating.

MURATA GIRL’s secret

Q.Why doesn’t she fall over?

A.Her secret lies in the back of her body.

The 2 gyro sensors on her back detect tilting of her body from both the front/back and left/right directions. She is capable of eliminating tilting to the left/right by rotating the disk on her chest and maintains her front/back balance by moving her wheel little by little.

Q.Does the color of MURATA GIRL’s cheeks change?


MURATA GIRL is lively and shy at the same time.
Her cheeks blush when she feels shy.
Her cheeks turn blue if she fails to do something.