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Striving for Greening Activities that are a Source of Comfort, Pleasure and Inspiration for Our Employees and the Local Community

Situated to the south of Lake Biwa, the vast Yasu Division grounds cover an area of 270,000 square meters, seven times the size of the well-known Koshien Stadium. In accordance with the Murata's 10-point Green Basic Policy drafted in 1988, we have devoted ourselves to environmental conservation as well as the "greening" of our plant, and in 2011 we were decreed an Outstanding Green Plant by the Head of the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.

We have planted some 19,600 trees and shrubs spanning 340 varieties in the "green zone" which occupies 23% of our plant grounds, and every spring we open the green areas of our grounds to the public, organizing public viewings of our rhododendrons, the prefectural flower of Shiga.

In addition, we have also been visiting local elementary schools since 2006 to conduct classes on the environment, and we continue to pursue efforts to raise interest in environmental issues.