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Creating the Forests of the Future, Murata-Style

Creating the Forests of the Future, Murata-Style

To contribute to the effort to prevent global warming and preserve biological diversity, Murata has initiated the "Murata Forest" woodland conservation project.

Once a month, with the support of local residents, Murata employees and family members volunteer their time to weed, thin out trees, and conduct other environmental preservation activities in the woodlands of the Kozaki district of Kameoka city, Kyoto. These forest conservation activities are also designed to provide employees and their family members with an opportunity to refresh their minds and bodies, and on activity days, the woods are filled with the bright voices of people who are enjoying their time outdoors.

The "Murata Forest" project is being carried out in several other locations across Japan as well, and each individual project is adapted to make the most of the characteristics of that specific woodland and geographical area.

In the future, we will continue to persevere in our efforts to carry out activities that invigorate our forests, along with the hearts of our participants.