President's Message

Murata's Innovative Technology and Reliability Focus Help Accelerate Automotive Evolution

Tsuneo Murata President, Statutory Representative Director Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Tsuneo Murata was born in Kyoto in 1951. In 1974, he graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Doshisha University and joined Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In 1988, he became Geschaftsfuhrer, or Managing Director at Murata Europe Management GmbH. After being appointed to the Murata MFG. Co., Ltd. Board of Directors in 1989, he served as Executive Vice President, Corporate Senior Executive Vice President, and Executive Deputy President, and became President, Statutory Representative Director in 2007.
In his free time, Tsuneo Murata enjoys raising orchids and photography.

Today we are seeing a rapid increase in the scope and depth of the relationship between automotive engineering and electronics. In addition to hybrids, electric mobility now includes the first practical models of battery-powered electric drive. Journalists already report when fuel cell vehicles will be launched. Not only are these electric drive systems controlled by electronics, but also vehicles powered by combustion engines employ electronic control systems to improve their safety, efficiency, and functionality further. In rapid succession, driver assistance systems that give warnings to help a driver in critical situations have been introduced in automobiles. Advanced electronics is making automated driving a realistic possibility.

On the other hand, the wireless connection of portable devices in vehicles has substantially increased the comfort and convenience for occupants. This is now supplemented by road-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-vehicle communication to provide a broad range of infotainment offerings. Vehicle communication technology is making strong progress. In the future, sensors will be positioned at various places and networked wirelessly as key devices. Vehicles will work not only as recipients of information, but also as information sources, and linked in various wireless networks.

Murata's metamorphosis No.17 gives the reader a glimpse into the futuristic connection between car electronics and Murata technology. Sometimes automotive manufacturers and suppliers may use existing Murata products. Sometimes they may work with us to create new innovative products. Through business transfers and partnerships, Murata has successfully obtained products and technologies that it lacked previously. We will make good use of these additional strengths to provide our customers with new solutions for ever-changing motor vehicles.

At the same time, automotive engineering has the fundamental principle of achieving reliability of basic vehicle functions - driving, turning, and stopping - with no compromise. This holds true for car electronics as well. Unknown risks may lurk in new products and technologies. With its many years of experience, passion for fundamental research, and collaboration within and without the company, Murata hopes to serve its customers in both aspects of innovation and reliability.