President's Message

Firmly Supporting the Social Infrastructure of Digital Devices and Communications with Noise Suppression Technologies

Tsuneo Murata President, Statutory Representative Director Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Tsuneo Murata was born in Kyoto in 1951. In 1974, he graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Doshisha University and joined Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In 1988, he became Geschaftsfuhrer, or Managing Director at Murata Europe Management GmbH. After being appointed to the Murata MFG. Co., Ltd. Board of Directors in 1989, he served as Executive Vice President, Corporate Senior Executive Vice President, and Executive Deputy President, and became President, Statutory Representative Director in 2007.
In his free time, Tsuneo Murata enjoys raising orchids and photography.

Mobile devices, as typified by the smartphone with its fast-growing market, incorporate many electronic components in their compact bodies. In addition to displays, fast digital signal processors, and radio frequency (RF) circuits, they have a power circuit for the above components and an interface for connecting to and exchanging data with external components. Beyond that, all of these items are expected to work reliably. Components from the Murata EMI Filter Division are used in customer products to ensure the prevention of mutual interference and susceptibility, to ensure a constant voltage from the power supply, and to ensure that RF circuits perform as expected. We chose electromagnetic interference as the theme for the 18th issue of metamorphosis, in which we introduced noise suppression components and inductor-related technologies and products.

In reviewing the timeline of EMI-suppression/inductor component development, I was able to re-impress on my mind the journey we took in our endeavor to somehow satisfy the needs of our customers by combining existing technologies for materials, production processes, and component design while acquiring new ones. Noteworthy from a historical perspective are the noise suppression components, which we proposed to customers struggling with noise problems and which we developed in collaboration with them. Our approach mainly focused on proposing solutions to promote emission countermeasures in noise emitting sources and strategies for immunity in noise victims. Just as we have up to now, we will continue to walk in tandem with our customers as we move forward. We remain committed to our development direction which is primarily focused on power inductors used in power supply systems, in which we are seeking to extend battery life by reducing the loss of energy as heat and the suppression of temperatures, in addition to miniaturization.

Collaboration with Toko, Inc. has enabled us to expand the array of technology solutions we can offer. Since both companies have different areas of expertise, I believe the collaboration will enable us to offer newly integrated services in a much broader realm. Some examples are in-vehicle systems, HEMS (Home Energy Management System), and BEMS (Building Energy Management System) where the fusion of devices and data communication functions will advance as the devices get smaller. The collaboration between both companies will enable us to make new and a wider range of proposals by fully applying our technologies for materials, production processes, and component design in both noise suppression components and power inductors.

Murata, of course, will continue to make societal contributions through its effort in downsizing RF inductors for small signals while retaining electrical characteristics. So, please stay tuned to Murata since there is much excitement ahead!

Toko, Inc. has become a consolidated subsidiary of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as of March 26, 2014, based on the Agreement for Enhancement of Capital and Business Alliance concluded on February 13, 2013.