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The Murata Science Foundation awards 448 million yen in academic and cultural development grants


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President: Norio Nakajima

The Murata Science Foundation (Chairman: Tsuneo Murata, Chairman of the Board, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.), today announced the 207 recipients who will receive 448 million yen in funding, the company’s largest annual grant endowment to date.  Grants fall into one of three categories: Research, Conference, and Overseas Research and focus on fostering the work of budding young researchers. A highlight from this year is that the foundation offered 10 grants to four universities totaling 16 million yen.

Established in 1985 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Murata's founding, the Murata Science Foundation aims to contribute to the development of Japanese science and culture through grants that promote research in the areas of natural sciences, electronics, and humanities and social sciences.  Since its inception, Murata has provided 4.78 billion yen in grants. This year’s recipients are as follows: 

Breakdown of research grants for fiscal 2021



Number of grants for 2021 

Amount of grants for 2021

(1,000 yen)

Number of grants for 2020

Amount of grants for 2020

(1,000 yen)

Research Grant

Natural sciences
129  356,350 122
Humanities and social sciences
50  74,410 51
179  430,760 173
Conference Grant

Natural sciences 
13  11,150 28 21,000
Humanities and social sciences
1,390 7 3,000
16  12,540 35 24,000
Grant for Overseas Research 

Natural sciences 
7  2,200  59
Humanities and social sciences
2,500  9
12 4,700 68
207 448,000 276


Main grant winners (Titles omitted)

Research theme
Naho Itagaki Kyushu University
Graduate School and Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering
 Professor  Development of room temperature excitonic transistors using new group II-III-V-VI compound semiconductors.
Yuta Yamane Tohoku University
Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
 Assistant professor  Proposal and demonstration of the principles of quantum relativistic inductors.
 Yuki Nagao

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology
Associate professor  Interface design for solid-state batteries through control of molecular orientation
Kazuki Tamura Hamamatsu University School of Medicine
Preeminent Medical Photonics Education & Research Center
Assistant professor
 Development of a scanning optical microscope for measuring the mechanical properties of live cells
Ryo Sakamaki

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Research Institute for Physical Measurement

Principal investigator
 Demonstration of high precision technology to evaluate the characteristics of railway tracks in the submillimetric wavebands that are crucial to the realization of 6G Wireless Communications
Daisuke Nakauchi

Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology

Specially appointed assistant professor Development of radiation measurement materials via structural control through anion replacement
Keiko Kato

Nagoya University
Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science

Associate professor
Real-time measurement of photoelectric generation/mitigation dynamics in optical/electronic devices using attosecond pulsed light
Yuta Kurashina

Tokyo Institute of Technology
School of Materials and Chemical Technology, Human Centered Science and Biomedical Engineering

Assistant professor
Generation of hydrogel microbeads using devices which generate droplets through ultrasonic vibrations and centrifugal force
Fumihiro Kaneda
Tohoku University
Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Assistant professor
Development of a high-purity photon source by reverse engineering polarization
Yoko Tatewaki

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
School of Engineering, Department of Applied Chemistry

Development and application of molecular, self-generation-type, electromagnetic nanocoils
Tianzhuo Zhan

Waseda University
Comprehensive Research Organization

Principal investigator (Research organization associate professor)
Research into the interfacial thermal resistance of low-k inter-layer insulation film, with the goal of thermal management in the wiring of next-generation logic semiconductors
Natsuko Kinoshita 

University of Tsukuba
School of Life and Environmental Science, Agri-biological Resource Sciences

Assistant professor
Development of a plant odor sensor using electro-conductive polymer to detect viral disease in crops at an early stage
Yoshimitsu Sagara

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Associate professor
Development of a cyclophane supramolecule mechanophore using an electron donor/acceptor molecular framework
Azusa Hattori

Osaka University
Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research 

Associate professor
Invention of high-sensitivity multi-gas sensor through manipulation of metallic oxide nanostructure
Seiji Kawamura
Nagoya University
Graduate School of Science
Breaking the standard quantum limit through quantum locking using an optical spring
Tomoyuki Yokouchi

University of Tokyo
Department of Basic Science, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Assistant professor
Inversion of magnetization through current induction using topological materials
Masakazu Matsubara

Tohoku University
Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science

Associate professor
Pioneering a photoelectric conversion function for spin
Hiroaki Norimoto

Hokkaido University
Faculty of Medicine

Associate professor
Inducing arousal in isolated whole brain specimens with a focus on isolated brain - device interaction
Ryohsuke Onoda

University of Yamanashi
Graduate Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research

Associate professor
A mechanism for analytical thinking to promote polarization: Study focusing on qualitative my-side bias
Chiaki Tanaka

Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University
Department of Human Nutrition

Exploring the social factors connected to the development of cognitive and motor functions, based on the behavior of young children over a 24-hour period and country-by-country comparison
Etsuko Yoshida

Osaka University
Intellectual Property Center (IPrism)

Specially appointed assistant professor (full-time)
Comparative research into protection of inventions in an advanced information society 


Ceremony details

Due to ongoing concerns about the spread of Covid-19 infections, we have decided to cancel our annual research grant presentation ceremony this year.
We appreciate your understanding.

Please note that, we have also published a list of new grant recipients on our website. (Available in Japanese only)

Murata Science Foundation


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Established: February 5, 1985

Chairman Tsuneo Murata
(Chairman of the Board, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)

Website: https://corporate.murata.com/ja-jp/group/zaidan    (Available in Japanese Only)


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