About Murata Singapore

Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with Murata’s corporate philosophy, we continuously aim to grow together with our employees, business partners and community. To promote adoption of good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices, as well as to enrich our CSR programmes, we become a member of Singapore Compact since 2008.
Some of our CSR initiatives are:

With Its People

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We consider employees' satisfaction as one of our fundamental goals with deep conviction that it is the key to achieving high organizational performance. We strive to fulfill our employees' career aspiration and development need, while providing a safe and healthy work environment.

We ensure basic human rights of our employees are respected and we eliminate condition that would lead to discrimination based on race, creed, sex, religion, age, nationality, physical disabilities, illness, and/or place of birth.

We also put in place regulation against harassment or oppressive behavior and we will respond firmly to such abuses. To help ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and assessed objectively based on merit, we signed the Fair Employment Practice pledge promoted by Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practice in 2008.

With Environment

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In line with Murata Corporate Environmental Policy, we recognized the sensitive nature of our business activities, products and services towards the environment, and we are committed to be responsible for their potential impacts. We will continue to prevent pollution and improve our environmental performance. We have established an environmental management system (EMS) that continues to:

  • Comply with applicable environmental legal and other requirements (corporate requirements, RoHS & WEEE Directive, customers requirements, etc) with regards to our activities, products and services in Singapore.
  • Nurture and maintain the level of competence and awareness on environmental responsibilities through training and education programs, thereby inculcation environmental propriety into all personnel working for or on behalf of our organization.
  • Promote optimal, efficient use of resources and energy through the “Closed Substance Cycle” concept and “Integrated Waste Management Approach” in order to avoid / minimize the release of pollutants and waste into the environment.
  • Maintain a safe and health working environment through constant monitoring, stringent audits and, continual review of this policy, regulations and work procedures so as to upgrade our environmental management performance.
  • Communicate our Environmental Policy to all personnel working for or on behalf of our organization and to interested parties of the public.

With Community

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Understanding that we are a part of a larger community, we always strive to give back to the society and foster a close relationship with its surroundings. We hold annual internal charity drives and organize visits to home for the elderlies.
We also contribute to community center and support their efforts in helping the needy and building better community.

With Business Partners


In line with our intention to continuously giving our best to achieve co-prosperity with our customers, suppliers and other business partners, we insist on maintaining a high ethical standards and act with a keen awareness of our responsibility towards our business partners.

We regard our suppliers as integral part of our business process and ensure that selection of suppliers is done objectively based on business-related performances & compliance to certain standard to ensure that collectively we share the same commitment towards quality and social responsibilities.
We also provide employees of suppliers with a way to confidentially report on ethical misconduct found in our company, they can email to supplierfeedback@murata.com.sg. Our company will not disclose the informer’s identity without prior agreement from informer.

We also ensure that our customers do not use our products to manufacture weapon or for other military application by setting up a system for screening of customer's end product application during qualification stage and through ongoing monitoring of transaction. All these are done in addition to the regulatory requirement of compliance to the strategic goods control act formulated by the government

With Government


Since its conception, Murata Singapore always strives to be in the forefront in supporting government’s initiatives. We liaise closely with both unions and government bodies to participate in various programs, especially in employment-related matters. In addition, we always comply with all existing laws and regulations, not just in employment matters but also in financial disclosure, environment protection and strategic goods control.

To further emphasize on our commitment to uphold the highest standards of ethics and conducts, Murata Singapore published its own Ethics Policy and Code of Conducts in line with those of Murata Manufacturing Company, Japan.
Please find the Ethics Policy here and our Labour Policy here.

For information on global Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) initiatives and to view Murata CSR report, please go toMurata Global website