Murata and the Environment

Overall Image of Environmental Impact and Environmental Accounting

Murata strives to quantitatively ascertain the environmental impact associated with its business activities and analyzes that information to reduce the environmental impact.

Murata’s environmental impact

Measures to respond to climate change and conservation/recycling of resources are priorities

Although the electronic components we manufacture are small, the amount of resources such as energy and water used in their production is not.

We have established goals related to the reduction of environmental impact for fiscal 2019 to fiscal 2021 from a lifecycle perspective and are taking action to achieve those goals.

Data calculation method

“Total substance input” and “Chemical substance atmospheric emissions” represent totals for manufacturing plants and subsidiaries in Japan. Other figures represent totals for manufacturing plants and subsidiaries in Japan and other locations.

Environmental Accounting: Fiscal 2020 results and analysis

Expenses for environmental activities in fiscal 2020 totaled approximately 7 billion yen. The figure for capital investment was approximately 2 billion yen.

As production increased, there was a commensurate increase in day-to-day management costs related to resource recycling measures. In addition, as a capital investment, we proactively introduced equipment to assist in the prevention of pollution.

Environmental Accounting: Fiscal 2020 Results and Analysis

Classification Costs (Millions of yen) Investment (Millions of yen)
Fiscal 2019 Fiscal 2020 Fiscal 2019 Fiscal 2020
Costs at manufacturing plant premises Pollution prevention 265 263 651 265
Environmental protection 293 289 318 550
Recycling of resources 3,008 3,254 2,949 938
Subtotal 3,566 3,806 3,919 1,753
Upstream/downstream environmental protection costs 71 70 0 0
Management activities costs 1,106 1,152 20 112
Social activities costs 90 89 0 0
Cost of R&D 1,256 2,131 106 61
Environmental damage costs 0 0 0 0
Total 6,089 7,249 4,045 1,926

Calculation method

  • Aggregates include each Murata Manufacturing business site and domestic production plant (20 companies) .
  • Figures were aggregated for the 12-month period from April 2020 to March 2021.
  • Costs include personnel costs and depreciation costs.