Process of value creation

At Murata, employees around the world respond to the changing business environment, thinking and acting based on the Murata Philosophy as the shared guiding principles. Each and every employee feels rewarded and continues to grow through his or her work. They trust and cooperate with each other to demonstrate collective strength, thereby creating new innovation.

Murata’s management capital

“Management capital” that has been developed through the implementation of the Murata Philosophy will continue to be the source of value creation in the future. Driven by “CS and ES,” Murata will demonstrate its “core competencies” by utilizing such capital.
Murata will continue to create value as an Innovator in Electronics by reinforcing the capital, cherishing the spirit of the Murata Philosophy and further developing the core competencies.

Human capital
  • Global penetration of management philosophy
  • Employees who sympathize with the Murata Philosophy and sincerely practice it
  • Values that emphasize CS and ES
  • An organizational culture that utilizes diverse individuals and helps their collaboration
Organizational capital
  • Business management philosophy and management systems backed by scientific management
  • Solid corporate governance that is trusted by stakeholders and enables us to grow together
Monozukuri capital
  • Production technology, management technology, and management systems that are highly integrated, from materials to final products
  • A strong “Kaizen” mindset and management technology to promote improvement activities
  • Quality control technology and systems that extends back to the origin
Intellectual and technological capital
  • Unique platform technology, core technology, and intellectual property that Murata has built and expanded as an Innovator in Electronics
Customer and business partner capital
  • Customer and sales networks we have built by providing global No. 1 products
  • Networks and teamwork among sites around the globe
  • Global partner network in the supply chain
  • Trust and credibility we have earned through our solid networks
Financial capital
  • Financial base to support sustained growth and prepare for changes in the environment and various risks and opportunities
  • An investment strategy that emphasizes ROIC (pre-tax basis) and aims to increase capital efficiency in the long term
  • Credibility earned through dialogue with stakeholders and capital markets

Murata’s core competencies

We will increase our collective strength by enhancing and connecting respective strengths together.

Murata’s core competencies 1

The power to read the future

Murata’s core competencies 2

The power to give shape to needs

Murata’s core competencies 3

The power to deliver value