Leaders' Ambitions

How Can We Successfully Present the Functionality of New Products? That's the First Step in Approaching Our Customers / Kazuyoshi Nakaya

How can we successfully present the functionality of a newly developed component?
A key approach is creating and demonstrating practical equipment that integrates such components.
The System Design Center is responsible for developing the technology required to take this approach, and its unique activity is arousing interest in the role Murata is set to play in the healthcare market.

After joining Murata in 1987, Kazuyoshi Nakaya was involved in the technical planning and development of products such as spread spectrum communication modems, ASIC for data communication cards, full modules for wireless communication, device driver software for Wi-Fi modules, promotion kits for sensors, and embedded system platforms. He assumed his current position in 2008. Nakaya's motto is “Endurance makes you stronger.” His favorite pastimes are playing the drums, doing crafts, and taking walks. He likes socializing with his coworkers.

“Active exchanges between engineers enable them to complete products more rapidly.”

NAKAYA, Kazuyoshi