Leaders' Ambitions

Our Traditional Performance and Technological Ability Give Us high hopes for the New Business / Shigeyuki Mikami

To serve a new market and new customers, Murata is expanding its arena from electronics to healthcare.
With a new focus on health control and preventive care, the company aims to provide component functionality to serve the new market and meet the expectations of new customers.

After joining Murata in 1988, Shigeyuki Mikami was involved in design and sales engineering for dielectric resonators. Following this experience, he worked on the development of millimeter-wave filters and modules. He was then transferred to the sales department, where he was responsible for marketing related to mobile communications until being appointed to his current position in 2008. Mikami's favorite pastime is the theater. As his motto he always reminds himself that “what one is today, for good or bad, represents the effects of what one did in the past.”

“To be successful in a new market and get along well with new customers, it is important to show that we are willing to serve the market.”
MIKAMI, Shigeyuki

MIKAMI, Shigeyuki