Taking Root

taking Root Yasu Division
The Group's Largest R&D Center Assembles a Staff of Promising Smart Engineers With the Aim of Putting Down Roots in the Region

A Major R&D Center for the Development of Production Technology, Materials, and Manufacturing Processes

In 1987, Murata opened a plant in Yasu City, Shiga Pref. Since then, the Yasu Division has served as a major R&D center for the development of production technology, materials, manufacturing processes, and devices.
Murata's strength in the independent development of its own production equipment creates a great advantage by eliminating the need to purchase general-purpose equipment in the market. Instead, the departments for the development of production technology are able to develop production equipment on its own, building original production lines that allow for mass-production using unique processes. Reason: For a manufacturer like Murata, providing better QCD (quality, cost, and delivery) is an overriding imperative. To this end, it is an absolute requirement for the company to firmly establish its own production environment and improve the performance of its production equipment. These factors have a great impact on quality and cost. This is why the Yasu Division strives to increase the productivity of the entire Murata Group by actively pursuing the policy of in-house development of production equipment.
In the development of materials, the R&D center has long worked with ceramics. The result of the center's efforts is seen in its dielectric, piezoelectric, and magnetic material. In addition, the site also actively studies materials featuring new functions, such as functional organic materials.
The Yasu Division also plays an important role in supplying domestic and overseas production sites with ceramic and other raw materials, thereby complementing the Yokaichi Plant, also located in Shiga Pref.
At present, the Yasu Division employs a workforce of approximately 2,700. The site prospers along with a local community blessed with an abundance of competent young workers.