Taking Root

taking Root Yasu Division

Regional Contribution and Greening Activities
Working Closely with the Local Community

The Yasu Division has a strong commitment for regional contribution. Yasu employees not only clean the area around the site, but also clean up Lake Biwa and maintain the mountain trail to the east of the site. In addition, they conduct classes at local elementary schools as part of their environmental education program. The program includes a quiz session to help children learn about energy saving and CO2 emissions. MURATA BOY often accompanies the Yasu “teachers” to make learning about environmental protection even more enjoyable for the children.
Trees and plants make up approximately 23% of the Yasu site, including some 19,600 trees from 340 species, and the division's goal is to fill the site with flowers throughout the four seasons. These efforts were recognized when the Yasu Division won the Silver Award at the Shiga Prefecture Greening Contest, and the Japan Greenery Research and Development Center commended the division's work by awarding it the Director's Prize. In 2007, the division was the first business office in the Kansai area to be accredited by SEGES (the Social and Environmental Green Evaluation System). In 2008, SEGES also accredited the Yasu site as maintaining excellent stage 3. In addition, the Yasu Division holds an annual event to allow local residents to enjoy viewing the site's rhododendron blossoms. The rhododendron blossom is the official flower of Shiga Pref.Proceeds from a charity bazaar held as part of the annual event are used to donate wheelchairs to a nearby senior care home. Yasu employees also serve as volunteers for cleaning activities in the surrounding area. “MYU-town” (Murata Yasu United-town) is the name that the Yasu Division has coined for the labor-management regional contribution activities it conducts in collaboration with the local community.
The Yasu Division now plans to upgrade its greenery area by adding a biotope. This area will open to the local public to further strengthen the trusting relationship it has developed with the community. In this way the R&D center strives to be a good corporate citizen in the region as it explores new possibilities for electronic components and modules.

Environmental protection and greening

Environmental protection and greening

The Yasu Division has a very strong commitment for environmental protection and greening. For more than a decade, the site has utilized a cogeneration system to cover 62% of its total power consumption, reducing CO2 emissions by around 24%. The greenery area in the Yasu site has been under development to build a harmonious relationship with the local community and to provide a refreshing environment.