Taking Root

taking Root Yasu Division

Technology Originating from Yasu

With the MURATA BOY robot, Murata made people all over the world aware of its high-tech ability. Born at the Nagaoka Plant, MURATA BOY acquired his ability to balance on a bicycle at a standstill with the help of Yasu engineers. In addition to being able to ride his bicycle along an S-curved balance beam, Type ECO, the 2010 eco-model fitted with energy-saving sensors and communication modules, developed further skills. MURATA BOY can now monitor his own power consumption, save power using an infrared motion sensor, and recharge his battery wirelessly. His magical abilities have increased his fame. He is welcomed by children at demonstrations at elementary schools, and appears in a TV commercial created by another company.
The current model was developed by the MURATA BOY Development Team, which consisted of production technology engineers in the Yasu Division. The robot plays a part in showing the public what happens in electronic components behind the scenes.



The Yasu Development Team developed the MURATA BOY robot as a dynamic communication tool to publicize Murata's device/module technologies and its manufacturing standards. The MURATA GIRL unicyclist was also born here. The popular robots came to life as a result of Yasu engineers' passion to create something that would move the public.