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front line

We Are Still a New Face in This Field,
But We Can Be a Breath of Fresh Air

Murata's strong suit is its expertise in manufacturing electronic components, especially the mass-production of small items. We are also good at wireless communication technology and have a history of initiating rapid change in the electronics market. Although our ring pulse meters and vital sign sensors are nearly complete as products, our customers may point out areas where they are lacking. If we can work on these missing elements together with our customers, I am sure we will be able to revolutionize the healthcare market.
We wish to touch people's hearts and make a strong impact in this field. The most important thing for Murata right now is to promote customer anticipation of such an impact from us by ascertaining what is needed to prepare, how we can best present ourselves and what kind of knowledge and systems are needed to continue communicating with customers so that we can respond to their opinions and requests with zeal. This is how we promote and respond to customer anticipation. Right now, I just want our customers to regard us as a hopeful new face. I am sure we can please our customers in time.

[Vital sign sensor]

Photoplethysmograph sensors simultaneously measure vital signs and changes in the amount of blood hemoglobin and electrocardiograph sensors measure minute voltage fluctuations from pulse. When mounted on a mobile phone these sensors make it possible to monitor pulse and oxygen saturation level while exercising. If mounted on a game controller, they can display player excitement and stress levels to increase the thrill of game playing by allowing players to read each other's emotional states. (a related article)

vital sign sensor

Demonstration product to visualize the use of a vital sign sensor


“Our expertise in creating smaller, lighter and more energy-saving components will become the driving force for the creation of wearable healthcare equipment.”

“It is essential to clarify ‘what we can realize' to our customers and present application examples.”

“We wish to touch people's hearts and make an impact in this field.”

  • We Are Still a New Face in This Field, But We Can Be a Breath of Fresh Air