Brief History of Murata

Brief History of Murata

Foundation of Murata Manufacturing

In 1944, a small factory just 150 m2 was opened in the center of Kyoto City starting the production of titanium-oxide ceramic capacitors. To compensate for slow times in which it received no orders, Murata Manufacturing managed to continue business by producing insulators.

Founder Akira Murata (1921-2006) and the gas kilns used in his factory. Right: Ceramic capacitors produced in the late 1940s

In occupied Japan, the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers implemented a policy of promoting radio broadcasting, which caused a rapid increase in the demand for ceramic capacitors. In February 1951, Murata Manufacturing developed coal firing technology while going against the common thinking of the day, and built a factory in a small village (the current Echizen Town) in Fukui Pref. The Fukui Factory was later reorganized as a separate company under the name of Fukui Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The Head Office of Murata Manufacturing moved to Yamashina in east Kyoto before being transferred again to Nagaoka Town (the current Nagaokakyo City) to the south of Kyoto in 1961.

Fukui Factory (left) around 1952 and the Head Office of Murata Manufacturing in Yamashina