Brief History of Murata

Brief History of Murata

Becoming a Global Company

Murata Manufacturing has also been an industry leader in areas other than research and development. As early as the 1950s, the company provided new executive trainees with a practical on-site drill program. In 1960, Murata was one of the first Japanese companies to participate in the IRE (presently IEEE) show in New York. In 1962, a ceramic capacitor production plant was exported to the then Soviet Union, the communist nation with which Japan had little economic exchange in those days. Plant exports were continued further, with the market expanding to Western countries. In 1969, Murata was the first company to submit consolidated financial statements when listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 1976, Murata was the first Japanese company to be listed on the Singapore Exchange by issuing shares at market price.
Murata started exports in 1960. From 90 million yen in the initial year, the export amount increased rapidly to reach 665 million yen, or 23.5% of net sales, in 1964. The Ministry of International Trade and Industry designated Murata as a national “exporting contributor.” Following the basic policy of “production and supply in markets,” a local production company was founded in Singapore in 1972, followed by another in Georgia, USA, in 1973.

Murata at the IRE show, and plant equipment exported to the then Soviet Union

Local production companies opened in Singapore (left) and Georgia, USA