Brief History of Murata

Brief History of Murata

Contributions to Academic Research

In 1951, the Study Group on Applied Ferroelectrics in Japan, an industry-government-academia organization for basic/applied research, was founded at the initiative of Murata Manufacturing and other partners. The study group played a major role in developing ferroelectric ceramics technology before being taken over by the current the Meeting on Ferroelectric Materials and Their Applications in 1977.
In 1985, the Murata Science Foundation was founded. To express thanks to scholars for the important assistance they have provided Murata over the years, the foundation has awarded annual grants for research projects and study groups/symposia. The total amount of grants was increased from 16.5 million yen in the first year to 130 million yen in 2010.

Winners of the 1st Murata Science Foundation Research Project Grants (Foundation directors sitting in the front row)

Meeting of the Study Group on Applied Ferroelectrics in Japan held at the Murata Head Office in the 1950s.