Leaders' Ambitions

Applying Promising New Technology to Meet Expanding Customer Needs

At present, we focus on identifying customer needs and finding the best Murata technology that can be used to meet them. In the markets for mobile phones, PCs, and TVs, Murata is so well known that, when customers face any challenge, they come to us for help. In the healthcare market, however, we still have not achieved such a position. To be successful in a new market and get along well with new customers, it is important to show that we are willing to serve the market and build customer confidence in us. We want to become a dependable company in this new market as soon as possible. Once customers have confidence in us, we will be able to help them from our rich experience in developing products such as capacitors, sensors, wireless communication modules, and power supplies.
As an electronic component manufacturer, Murata is known for its technical ability to produce downsized products at low cost. We feel that prospective customers in the new market are, therefore, interested in knowing about the kind of products we will have to offer. We want to live up to the expectations of the market by providing promising new technology that meets industry needs. In so doing we will be able to serve the healthcare market well.