Listening to the Customer

Promising Murata Technologies for Downsizing, Wireless Communication , and Ceramic

Downsizing is the very first thing an equipment manufacturer like Omron Healthcare expects from a component manufacturer. Compared with the huge equipment installed in hospitals, healthcare equipment for general consumers has unique requirements – compact size, light weight and ease of use. Wireless communication technology is a further credential. In the future, healthcare equipment will become more wearable. It is expected to wirelessly transmit collected information, store it, and process it to make it easier to use.
We are already starting to work with Murata, for example by jointly developing products. We see Murata's ceramic, sensor, and wireless communication module technology as very promising.

Communication will be an indispensable feature in the healthcare industry. Future healthcare systems will statistically process biometric data collected via the Internet, help doctors make diagnoses, and help customers control their own health. Omron Healthcare has already developed futuristic products with USB communication functions. The above photos show the HEM-7250-IT blood pressure monitor, HBF208IT body composition monitor, and HJ-205IT pedometer.