Listening to the Customer

By Combining Their Abilities, Both Companies Can Help to Further Enhance Health

We are convinced that the electronic technology Murata has developed will contribute to healthcare. Murata commits itself to fulfilling our demanding requirements, and we expect that the company will continue to supply us with excellent devices and modules. Murata's displays and presentations at ehhibition trade fairs clearly demonstrate its superior ability to produce consumer equipment. In the healthcare market, however, it is extremely difficult to address consumers directly. Suppose the customer sees a blood flow measurement of 10 mL/min. If the customer does not know what the figure indicates, it is simply useless information. Informing the customer that a level of 20 mL/min. indicates good blood flow is a professional medical practice. It is therefore necessary to represent the difference between these two blood flow levels according to objective criteria. In other words, it is necessary to provide the so-called evidence. This is one of the unique features of the healthcare business. Here we have many years of experience.
Murata is a new face in the healthcare industry, but it has technologies that complement ours. By combining our technologies, I believe that Murata and Omron can help enhance health further. I'm really looking forward to it.