Listening to the Customer

Healthcare Business Will Evolve from Manufacturing Simple Measuring Devices to Providing Comprehensive Solutions

The day will soon come when all individual biometric devices, including blood pressure monitors, have IP addresses of their own. If by that time, instruments registering biometric information become small enough to be wearable and fitted with wireless communication technology, it will be possible to transfer everyday measurements instantaneously to an external database. In the USA, this technology, known as a “personal health record” (PHR), has been put into practical use in collaboration with medical institutions. It is still “before dawn” in Japan, but from a global perspective, we are already living in an age in which medical diagnosis can be made on the basis of spontaneous measurements. In the future, the scope of parameters that can be measured daily at home is expected to expand to include, for example, blood glucose, blood cholesterol, and hardening of the arteries. Then, we will see growth in a business providing solutions for, as an example, high blood glucose levels. All of this convinces us that the healthcare business still has much room for growth.