Listening to the Customer


With “WellnessLINK,” Omron Healthcare launched a new personalized healthcare service for Japanese customers. A range of healthcare support programs are available, including personalized consulting based on measurements users record every day. Using the free-of-charge service is easy. Customers need only register on the website and enter their measurements. With products capable of communication with WellnessLINK, the RFID smart card system or USB can be used to transmit the data automatically. As customers enter their data every day, they can check changes indicated in graphs. Every week they are given advice based on these changes. Detailed analysis reports are also available on a monthly basis. WellnessLINK increases motivation to enhance health by allowing customers to review their lifestyle and letting them know about the changes that take place in their bodies. It also helps them visualize the results of their efforts, further increasing their motivation for health management. The WellnessLINK services are also available via mobile phone.