Environmental Report 2003

Environmental Sustainability Report 2003
  • Global Environmental Preservation Activities
  • Activities Meeting the Needs of Society

"Environmental Report 2003"

Global Environmental Preservation Activities

Policy, System, Objectives and Targets

Environmental Management System

ISO14001 (PDF: 61KB)

Environmental Cost Management (PDF: 23KB)

Environmental Training (PDF: 285KB)

Environmental Audits (PDF: 276KB)

Dealing with Environmental Risk (PDF: 207KB)

Addressing Environmental Preservation through Our Products

Incorporating Environmental Preservation in Business Activities

Activities Meeting the Needs of Society

Harmony with the Community

Community Volunteering Activities (PDF: 313KB)

Environmental Communication

Communication Concerning the Environment (PDF: 227KB)

Corporate Profile (PDF: 499KB)

Environmental Data by Murata Plants (PDF: 165KB)