Leaders' Ambitions

Presenting Component Function
through System Integration

Murata is now taking a system-integration approach in opening up new applications and promoting existing products to new customers. To have our customers directly experience the function of our products, we also present the circuits that drive them or the circuits and algorithms that process the signals they output. A good example is the “ring pulse meter,” which generated a favorable response at CEATEC JAPAN 2010. The demonstration product was developed to show exactly what Murata products enable the customer to do. It was developed to the point where it could be used by consumers as is, but we have no intention of launching it in the market. Our sole objective is to present the outstanding functions of Murata components such as a sensor capable of detecting vital signs, a module that transmits the measured results by radio, or a module that can be repeatedly recharged.
Murata has strength in component technology; but we are not always good at designing housings and operation concepts, or at assembling components according to such designs. Our current policy is to provide customers with component functions or work with them in creating final products.

System Integration

“System integration” refers to comprehensive work that is done to establish a system featuring the functions required by a customer. It includes the development of computer programs and the selection/development/introduction of hardware/software. At Murata, system integration includes the provision of technical support for utilizing components i.e., offering technologies that ensure the efficient use of components. Originally developed for internal use, system integration technologies now include circuit designs and dedicated LSIs. In addition to the successful “ring pulse meter,” a “PHS data communication card” has also been completed in anticipation of widespread use in the future. The system-integration approach is expected to play a major role in the newly emphasized healthcare business since the good use of existing technologies is the key to success in the new market.