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Downsizing is another sterength of Murata. We are able to utilize our traditional technology to develop simplified consumer versions of professional medical equipment, and provide them in smaller sizes and at low cost. For example, our vital sign sensor can measure heart rate, too; and while it is not designed for use in professional medical settings, it's ideal for personal use. Of course it's compact and inexpensive. In this way, Murata technology makes it possible to transform functions that have been out of our reach into something easily available. Just as in the case of blood pressure monitors, we will be able to open up new markets by converting medical technology into consumer applications.
Last but not least, let me point out that Murata is an electronic component manufacturer that is capable of proposing system solutions to its customers. The healthcare market still has much room for electronic technology. That's why we are striving to become a dependable manufacturer of valuable healthcare components as soon as possible.