Leaders' Ambitions

Transforming the Organization to Meet the Challenge of Becoming a Dependable Supplier

To develop its healthcare and other new key markets Murata has set up the New Market Sales Department. The new sales/marketing organization features divisions by market segment, not by geographical area. This represents Murata's firm resolution to open up new business domains. Beginning its activities domestically, the new department will play an active role as the nerve center for global marketing. We have also joined Continua Health Alliance, a global organization of healthcare and technology companies, to keep ourselves updated.
As a newcomer, we are naturally expected to breathe new life into the healthcare market. But at the same time, we aim to do more than is expected of us by becoming a dependable supplier as soon as possible. Preparations are moving forward successfully. Above all this holds true for products for amusement applications used in mobile phones, PCs, and game consoles. Before the end of 2011, Murata will launch new products that can definitely be called healthcare products.
Murata wants to be a company whose entry into new fields makes the opening of new markets possible and allows the entire industry to broaden its horizons. Without a doubt this is an innovative beginning.

About Continua Health Alliance

Continua Health Alliance aims to achieve the seamless integrated use of different health/medical systems and services to ensure high-quality preventive wellness management and the control of chronic diseases, and provide assistance to elderly people in their efforts to maintain independence. For example, linking healthcare instruments available at home, such as blood pressure monitors, bathroom scales, thermometers, and medical equipment used at medical institutions with systems and services using such equipment significantly increases the quality of personal healthcare. In Japan, more than 200 companies have joined the alliance, endorsing Intel's initiative. With its focus on healthcare, Murata Manufacturing shares the “personal healthcare” concept. Among alliance members, Murata is known as an electronic component manufacturer with a strong presence in the wireless communication market. As standards on healthcare communication equipment are formulated in the future, the company is expectedto play an active part in the alliance.