Murata's power supply products are designed to reduce energy consumption

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Characteristics of Murata's power supply products

The power supply market will become increasingly valuable in the coming years, and Murata aims to help realize sustainable societies in this market with two key focus areas: "power conservation" for high-power products capable of handling high power output and used in locations such as production facilities, base stations, and data centers; and "miniaturization" along with power conservation for low-power products.

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Initiatives to double the rate of improvement in energy efficiency throughout the world

Data centers form a crucial part of the infrastructure supporting the development of technologies such as 5G, AI, IoT, and big data. The amount of energy consumed by these data centers is increasing rapidly and responding to this will become a worldwide issue.

Initiatives toward conserving energy with high-power products

We make use of the latest circuit technologies and digital control technologies to:

  • ●Handle increased efficiency/power
  • ●Increase power density
  • ●Handle peak loads for GPUs, etc.
    We also make use of centralized power supplies to:
  • ●Reduce the number of power supplies per system
  • ●Reduce the overall amount of power consumed by systems
    We make use of both individual and centralized power supplies to help reduce the overall amount of power consumed by systems.

Initiatives for conserving energy with low-power products

We combine our unique circuit technologies and package technologies to:

  • ●Increase efficiency and reduce heat generation
  • ●Conserve space (total solution size) and reduce weight
  • ●Reduce height (allow for installation in narrow spaces and on rear surfaces)
  • ●Handle high-speed loads
  • ●Reduce noise
    We offer a lineup of products for all types of voltage rails, and provide proactive support in helping our customers to reduce the time they spend designing circuits.

We combine the power supply circuit technologies and package technologies we have developed over the years, with the unique high-efficiency circuit topologies of pSemi. We continue to focus on making our products smaller and lighter with "higher efficiency" as our keyword. We also help to reduce energy used during transportation by improving loading efficiency.

Results of initiatives

Our wide lineup of products, including 48 V-compatible products, helps our customers to build the ideal power supply systems for their applications. We will continue to promote the reorganization and optimization of power supply systems in the data center market and elsewhere. Our results for fiscal 2020 are as follows.

Contribution toward conserving energy

For our high-power products, approximately 80% of our power supply products that have received the 80 PLUS certification have been certified TITANIUM, which is the highest level 80 PLUS certification available. We have also been able to reduce the power consumption of systems 10% by switching them over to centralized power supplies (according to Murata test results*1).
We also help to reduce running costs by decreasing the number of power supplies installed to systems, reducing the amount of maintenance stock, and making products easier to maintain.

*1 Two racks with the same IT devices were prepared, with one rack using conventional power supplies and the other using a centralized power supply, and then the same program was run on both to compare the power supplied to each rack

Promoting energy conservation

80 PLUS certification component ratio trends
Ranking standard based on conversion efficiency and loss factor

Helping to conserve space and increase loading efficiency

For our low-power products, we have reduced space required by 79% (representative models) to help conserve space, and have reduced weight by 70% (representative models) to help improve loading efficiency, compared with conventional products.

Contribution toward conserving space

Comparison of dimensions of new/old products

Contribution toward improving loading efficiency per unit of weight

Comparison of weight of new/old products

A focus on high efficiency

80 PLUS is a program promoted by the 80 PLUS Program ( to reduce the power of electric devices. Certification is split into six ranks in order from highest to lowest conversion efficiency: 80 PLUS TITANIUM, 80 PLUS PLATINUM, 80 PLUS GOLD, 80 PLUS SILVER, 80 PLUS BRONZE, and 80 PLUS (standard).
Murata offers many products rated 80 PLUS TITANIUM, the highest of the six ranks, and continues to work toward achieving TITANIUM certification for all products.

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