About Murata Thailand


 At Murata Electronics (Thailand), Ltd. we have been pursuing the establishment of "Murata Way of Quality Management" by human resource development and quality/ process innovation activities. Also 5S, QCC activity, and core competence technology enhancement for our quality improvement have been implemented continuously. Through these activities, we have continuously made the best effort to accomplish our customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy

  • To build invaluable partnership with customers that share the same sympathy towards contribution to the society (CS).
  • To sympathize towards the aimed posture taken by the company and to feel pleasure in self-realization and actual feeling of contribution to the society (ES).
  • For problems, we dig deep into the factors all the way down to Genryu (the root) ,The essence of the cause is clarified, 
  • By performing quality management conduct to optimize all business processes involving person, material, method and technology,
  • And by all the employees who continue to spiral up to improve the quality of work, we strive to provide satisfaction to customer beyond their expectation.

ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 Certificate

To support production activities, we have to improve our production line to be suitable for the products in both quality and efficiency. The good production line must be short and continuous so we have to design and improve our machine to be suitable for production capacity, characteristics of products and any improvement in the future.

Quality Assurance and Improvement Activity


QCC Activity