About Murata Thailand


115kV Murata Sub-station

We started construction of Sub-station in 2012F to increase reliability of electric power system by 115 kV and reduce electricity expense. Today MTL invest for new products such as PAC and BLM which reliability of electricity very necessary that target are Electric system shutdown from 22kV failure 0 time and Electricity expense reduce more than 7.3% (Compare between 115kV and 22 kV).

Machine Fabrication

To support production activities, we have to improve our production line to be suitable for the products in both quality and efficiency. The good production line must be short and continuous so we have to design and improve our machine to be suitable for production capacity, characteristics of products and any improvement in the future.

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and CFT (Cross Functional Team)

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is an important part in production processes that mainly run by machines and aims at having machine in the status of being in the highest efficiency by creating a system to prevent any loss in advance for all life of production line. This activity requires the cooperation from every group : management level group, production group, maintenance group, activity group and the participation from every employee is an importance factor.

Production Innovation: Straight Line with Full Work and Job Sharing

To increase our production efficiency and flexibility in all situations, so that the production line can support customer continuously, we apply concept of Pull production system with built-in quality (always produce with high quality) and short - straight line in order to eliminate all wastes in Production. This is an important factor to create enthusiasm and the participation to improve quality and efficiency among employees.